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Fuel Secure

Anti-siphon devices with patented Fins Structure

State-of-the-art anti-siphon devices with unique, patented Fins System !

  • Easy fitting - no gluing, no drilling
  • Fits all types of heavy vehicles: trucks, buses, tractors, construction vehicles
  • Total fuel protection - to the very top of the tank
  • No skimming possible - protects up to 200 L more than standard strainer devices!
  • Allows high filling speeds(130 L/min) - absolutely no splash back
  • Anti-wrenching, tamper-proof fitting
  • Unique, patented gauge protection system


Superior Efficiency

Protect your fuel right to the top of the tank!

Thanks to their unique Fins System, Fuel Secure devices protect the full volume of your tank.

  • No skimming possible, protects right to the top of the tank.
  • Prevents siphoning with any pipe larger than 4mm.
  • Allows for accurate recording of actual fuel usage.

Standard strainer devices

Up to 140 litres of fuel left unprotected.*

Fuel Secure with unique Fins Structure

No skimming possible : every litre of fuel is secured!

Advanced strainer devices

Up to 45 litres of fuel left unprotected.*

* Figures based on a standard 500 L tank (100*122*122 cm3).

Quick & Easy fitting

Quick and easy, tamper-proof fitting

Double fixation with safety lugs, locked in position by tamper-proof screws.

  • Quick and easy fitting
  • No gluing or drilling required
  • Tamper-proof / anti-wrenching

Improved Filling

Benefit from quicker and effortless filling of the tank with Fuel Secure devices !

The collapsible chute combined with the fins structure make for quicker and easier filling of the tank.

  • Fills the tank with a single triggering of the fuel pump
  • No foaming effect, even at high filling speeds!
  • Filling speeds up to 130 L / minute, absolutely no splash back
  • Collapsible chute means that the fuel pump can be left in position during filling
  • Clicks off automatically when fuel reaches the top of the fins system (consistent fill volumes)
  • Allows for accurate recording of fuel usage due to consistent fill volumes


Cleaner, Safer, Greener

  • Prevents fuel overflow in petrol stations and on filling tracks
  • Limits fuel spills on roads if the fuel cap is missing
  • Prevents overflows due to fuel expansion in hot weather

Gauge Secure

Protect your truck's sender unit with Gauge Secure!

Benefit from extra security of your fuel using our patented gauge protection device Gauge Secure.

  • Quick and easy fitting
  • Prevents fuel from being taken via the tank's sender unit
  • Protects flexes from being damaged
  • Vendue en accessoire avec l'antivol